How to choose a thermos cup?

Time:2017-12-23 12:00:00

One: When buying a thermos cup must go to the formal mall to buy, at least from the sources of protection, not to petty profits and make their own health hazards;

Second: buy brand products, general brand mugs have instructions in the manual will be all kinds of materials and parameters marked out, you can choose according to these data mug;

Three: observe the inner and outer surface of the thermal insulation cup quality, good thermal insulation cup liner and the general outer surface of the gall bladder, no scratches and bumps, while observing the mouth of the cup is not smooth, there is no weld;

Four: test insulation mug insulation performance, in general, mug will be divided into liner and the outer bile, the vacuum between the inner and outer bile, so you can fully guarantee the insulating properties of the mug, some poor quality mug did not vacuum Processing, so how to easily identify it? Very simple, hot water into the cup, tighten the lid, let stand for a few minutes, and then touch the outer surface and bottom of the cup, if there is a clear sense of burning on behalf of the cup insulation is poor, if not obvious Feeling, then basically good insulation performance. In general, the insulation cup's normal holding time is more than 6 hours;

Five: test the sealing, cup insulation performance in addition to the vacuum treatment, but also mainly affected by the sealing performance of the cup, then how to test the cup sealing? Very simple, fill the cup with water, tighten the lid, the horizontal place a few minutes, and then placed a few minutes upside down to observe whether there is water overflow, if not, then the cup of the seal is better, you can rest assured that use;

Six: the material of the cup, stainless steel mug commonly used materials 201,304 stainless steel, 201 and 304 are the United States AISI standard stainless steel grades, these materials can effectively resist the erosion of air, water vapor, acid, alkali, salt and other reagents , To avoid rust; relative to 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel has better rust resistance, thermal insulation properties are better, of course, the price should be higher. Teach you how to easily distinguish between a 201 stainless steel mug and 304 stainless steel mug, 304 does not have magnetic, with a magnet close to him there is no reaction, and 201 is a magnetic, met the magnet will attract.

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