Zhejiang Haoda Science and Technology Co., ltd, founded in 2004, is a leading manufacturer of double wall stainless steel drink ware such as stainless steel water bottles, kids bottles, sport water bottles, tumblers,coffee mugs,lunch boxes,food containers etc.We're more than a manufacturer, who is able to do research, design, develop new product. Our products and service enjoy high reputation in North America, EU,Asia and other markets.

With constant development and growth, we collect lots of experience and technology,our annual turnover is more than 85 million US dollars in 2021. We already achieved automated production like automated metal working lines, automated polishing lines, automated painting lines.

In 2022, we successfully launched new factory with an area of 40,000 square meters,which is aim to build a 5G factory and equipped with the most advanced automated production lines.We contribute to creating a fair and open working environment for all our employees,helping them to achieve their value.

As the industrial leading company we take sustainability seriously. By making responsible choices we want to reduce the impact our industry causes to the environment. We are never tired of finding new sustainable solutions: alternative power, planting, cleaning, and recycling are our core. Sustainability has also an extended meaning nowadays and includes ethic values such as equality, social integration, and safety: to be successful in all these aspects, we aim the change, strive for the future.


Endow Haoda with a new meaning. “Aim the Change, Strive for the future" is Haoda’s motto. encompassing different types of CSR activities we have implemented, such as:

• Emissions Reduction

• Renewable Energy - solar panels

• Environmental Activities • Waste Management

• Material Renew

• Sustainable Packaging

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